Be More Fashionable with These Accessories

The way you look largely depends on how you want it to be. Regardless of how it turns out, no one has the right to scrutinize or insult your look as styling is a highly subjective matter. You can be as eye-catching as you want it to be by matching outfits with striking colors or with sartorial elegance. While some prefer the former, some also prefer the latter. To help you in achieving such elegance, here are the pointers that you should keep in mind.

Pocket Square

Formal events often require gentlemen to wear coat and tie. Although the coat-and-tie combination seems to be complete with simply just a coat and a tie, looking at it holistically implies that something is missing. Yes, you guessed it right – the pocket square. It may be small in size and insignificant in function, but adding it makes you aesthetically look great. As a rule of thumb, the color of your pocket square should match your tie. So, every time you wear that coat and tie, never forget that pocket square to complete your look!

Tie Bars

Despite others’ disregard for it, tie bars can save you from certain shameful moments during a formal party. As its name suggests, tie bars are clipped on your ties to keep it in place. It would be such a shame to see your tie being drenched in a soup or being flapped by the strong winds. Avoid these embarrassing and hassle moments by having a tie bar in place.


The classic whale back cufflinks go well with black ties. This combination has long been a standard in any parties. However, since the world of fashion constantly innovates, cufflinks can also be worn during casual occasions. Knot cufflinks are even worn for parties with a relaxed dress code. For more designs, check out Etrnl for unique but elegant pieces.


This jewelry piece basically goes with any outfit for any occasion for both men and women. Watches have been considered as timeless and practical pieces that any individual can wear. This can come in as smartwatches that monitor the number of steps that you have made, or as handmade watches with stunning and intricate designs that could be regarded as a family heirloom. The most common one, however, is the mechanical watch that can often be seen being worn by several people today.

Signet Ring

Highly revered for its underlying symbolism of brotherhood and family heirloom, the signet ring is not commonly visible. Since not everyone owns a piece of it, this only indicates its exclusivity and its loud call for simplicity. In case you are wearing one, remember that you should not wear it with any other jewelry pieces. The signet ring is enough to make a lasting statement of its own.

Depending on an individual’s preference, accessories can be an optional addition to one’s outfit. Although such may be the case, there are certain pointers that you should keep in mind to maintain that sartorial elegance regardless of the outfit and accessories that you wear. Follow these pointers and be a head-turner in a large crowd.

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