Things to Avoid During a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you thinking about getting on a hot air balloon and floating up into the sky? Well, fantastic but hold on for just a second and listen to what mistakes you should absolutely not make while you are either getting ready to fly or in the basket up in the air. Any of these mistakes could not only spoil the fun for you and others but will also definitely put all of your safety at risk too. So here are some things that you should definitely avoid doing during or in the flight.

Not Listening To the Pilot

The pilot is the pilot for a reason. They know how to fly and you don’t. They also know what to do and what not to do to risk your safety. Before take-off when they give you safety instructions, make sure that you listen to them carefully and that you comply with them while you are in your hot air balloon Melbourne. If halfway through they say that they need to land because the weather is bad, go along with what they say and don’t insist that they continue. It is for your own safety that they do so.

No Drinks Please

You will not be allowed to consume any alcohol while you are in the ride and more importantly you will not even be allowed on the flight if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. Again this is done for your own safety and you should keep in mind that even a sober person could feel like they are losing their balance while they are floating up in the sky, so imagine how dangerous you will be to both yourself and others if you were intoxicated and in the air?

When Landing

When you are landing you should never ever carry the camera on its strap around your neck. That should be placed in your bag and closed off along with any other personal belongings that you are carrying on you. The impact of the landing can not only damage your goods but also could potentially hurt you if the protocol is ignored.

Don’t Be Blind To the Path of the Flight

The pilot and the crew will not rely on you for guidance and will always work to make sure that all of you enjoy a pleasant experience but sometimes, it does not hurt to keep an eye out for something that they could potentially miss with all the work that they are doing such as power lines for example. Staying aware of your surroundings is great for you and everybody else anyway.

Lighters and Cigarettes in the Balloon

Do not by any means wait until the pilot is not looking and try to light a cigarette. You should not even be carrying a lighter on you because the propane in the hot air balloon is highly flammable. You will risk an explosion if you try to light things up and smoke cigarettes.

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