Things to Consider When Buying Pallet Racks

Before you jump directly into buying pallet racks, you must first understand what type is needed for your business. It’s true that pallet racking increases the capacity and efficiency of your warehouse which in turn yields more profit for your business. However, different racking styles work depending on your products and business type. Here are a few things to consider so you can invest in the right pallet racking that suits you.

Product Distribution Order

There are two main types of product distribution order: the first-in/first-out or FIFO, and last-in/last-out also called as LIFO. Warehouses that store perishables or dated products use FIFO method. The best racking system that works with this is the gravity flow rack. For non-perishable products that can be stored even for a long time, warehouse managers use the LIFO method. The racking system commonly used with this method is the pushback pallet racking system.

Storage Equipment

When choosing a pallet racking system, you should consider the special storage equipment that will be used to store and pick up your products. Whether it be low, densely filled racks or high elevated racks, make sure you have the right equipment to handle loads such as lift trucks and conveyors.

Load Capacity

Safety is one of the most important factors in pallet racking. Calculate the maximum capacity of each rack and make sure the load doesn’t exceed the limits. Also, choose pallet racks that are made of high quality and durable materials so you’ll be assured that your workers and products will be safe. Better Storage offers durable and safe pallet racking for sale that suits your needs. Learn more about their products and select your pallet racking online conveniently.

Inventory Volume and Diversity

You can dedicate certain storage space for fast-moving and slow-moving products. Low-density pallet racks can store lesser items but they offer great accessibility when it comes to storage and pickups. This system works great for fast-moving products because it’s faster and more efficient. However, high-density pallet racks store more items but has limited accessibility. You can store slow-moving products this way since you don’t always need to pick up items from the pallets.

Warehouse Space

You must also consider the available space if you’re planning to invest in new pallet racks. Keep in mind the height, aisle space, rack width and accessibility when buying pallet racks. Temperature is also another thing to consider when storing products. Warm areas are not good storage spaces for perishables so you can utilize it for something else.

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