What Exactly Is Included in Dress Codes

Almost all parties in the now include a few words that make up the idea of the dress code expected of their guests. There may have been instances where you were unaware of the exact requirement, leading up to going for the party in attire which was not the least expected. Dress codes are present to give the guest list a hint of the atmosphere and ambience of the party they are invited to, because a party organized in a club would never require the attendees to be dressed in black tie. Given below is more on the dress codes;

White Tie

This is the most elegant and most formal of dress codes to be stated. Such a code would only be printed on invitations to state dinners or world-renowned awards ceremonies. For this dress code, women are expected to be dressed in floor length dresses, as elegantly as can be, with an addition to wearing their most valued jewellery and shoes to complement the elegance, but don’t be gaudy! Men are supposed to wear a white shirt, white waistcoat and tie or bow along with a black tuxedo with tails, complemented by leather shoes and classy gloves.

Black Tie

Black tie dress codes are also very formal parties to which the women are supposed to wear skirts with dressy blouses or Anthea Crawford evening dresses, coated well with dressy shoes and hairdos with an addition of pearls or simple jewellery. Men invited to this party can wear black tuxedo or suits, with black ties, bows and waist coats as necessary, along with black leather shoes.

Creative Black Tie

Even though this is too for formal parties, they are rather expected of creative black-tie attire. Ladies are allowed to dress up in knee length dresses, dressy pants and a blouse, or skirts that speak elegance, topped with simple jewellery and accessories. The gentlemen are allowed to be dressed in a tuxedo with a black or coloured shirt along with textures ties or bows.

Formal or Black Tie Optional

This is known to be one of the most popular dress codes used for corporate parties to set the ambience. For this dress code, the ladies are open to wear evening dresses, cocktail dresses, short dresses or pantsuits that speak class, topped with high heeled shoes and nicely done hair and makeup. Men are expected to wear a tuxedo or a dark suit with leather shoes and a suitable shirt and tie.


This would include almost all other clothing left apart from those above. But even if the dress code says casual it is in the etiquette to avoid clothing such as jeans and revealing clothing. Ladies can stick to skirts, pants or dresses with simple sandals and makeup, while the men can be clothed in casual pants along with a polo shirt or linen shirts.

Being aware of what you would be expected of at certain parties can avoid all chances of getting embarrassed and feeling awkward for most of the time.

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